Pay With ACH - FAQ

Pay an Invoice from or GBB Furniture below with VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover or use the Intuit Quick BooksACH (Electronic Check) system.

Pay an Invoice by ACH or Electronic Check through the Intuit Payment system. Just click the “review and pay” button in the invoice email. It’s Safe, Reliable and Fast. Or manually set up an ACH by downloading the form below and emailing to GBB Furniture.

What are ACH payments?    An automated clearing house payment or ACH payment for short, is a form of electronic funds transfer sent from one bank account to another.  ACH payments are also US-based bank-to-bank transfers that are aggregated and processed in batches through the Automated Clearing House network, run by NACHA. ACH payments can be referred to as direct payments.   Just like direct deposit paychecks.  You are likely using ACH payments now and may not even know it.  ACH payments are both digital and automated, they are more reliable and quicker compared to the paper equivalent check, which helps streamline account payable processes. ACH is a separate network than the major credit card systems like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc

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