Refund and Returns Policy

Returns and Refunds

Unfortunately many people have become accustomed to Amazon prime returns. That’s fine and good for small items but when you’re ordering product that has to be delivered on a freight truck returns become a much more expensive proposition. 

In addition to restocking fees as outlined in the terms and conditions, customers are required to pay the outbound freight and returned freight and restocking fees.  Some custom items are not returnable. This is why we go to such lengths to make sure you’re getting the items that you want and you understand what you’re getting. 

Sometimes returns are required and we will do everything we can to keep the costs down and cheerfully refund your money. We want to keep our customers happy. Refer to the terms and conditions on refunds and returns and let us know if you have questions before an order is completed.


Truly the image we want to avoid is best described by chat gpt:  The image depicts a frustrated customer standing in a cluttered room, surrounded by damaged furniture pieces and scattered packing materials. The customer’s face displays a mix of disappointment and annoyance as they hold their phone, trying to navigate the complex return process. On the floor, a crumpled instruction manual lies next to a half-disassembled table. In the background, a computer screen displays the company’s return policy in small, hard-to-read text, adding to the customer’s exasperation. The image captures the inconvenience and stress associated with a painful product return experience. Lets avoid this.


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