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Shipping Advice and Terminology

We Want Your Shipment to be Pain-Free

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What is Liftgate service and when is it needed?

Liftgate service is suggested, and at times required, when you have freight that is too heavy to lift, and you lack a loading dock or forklift. It’s also known as curbside delivery.

What is a Common Carrier?

A common carrier refers to an individual or company that engages in the commercial transportation of goods and people for a fee.  LTL (less than truckload) or Contract loads, which are usually full loads are examples of Common Carrier loads. 

The biggest secret of successful shipping is simple. It is this: Pay attention to the few important details. If you placed an order with Good Better Best Furniture, you should have received a phone call to confirm all the details of shipping your order. Your address, your phone number (that gets answered), and your type of facility should all have been reviewed.  If not, call us now.

When you sign the order acknowledgment or confirm your order or send a purchase order, you should read it carefully. You confirm their accuracy when you sign or confirm. If you did not read it before it shipped, there is still time to do it and make a call to avoid a delay or other problems.

Good Better Best Furniture makes every effort to get the best freight costs for your shipment. That means we use a variety of highly rated, quality, national shippers and rely upon them for professional service. Please remember to watch for their call and return any messages promptly. All freight carriers have people working for them that need to be fired, but we can’t do that. What Good Better Best Furniture can do is get involved when there is a problem. Please call Good Better Best Furniture if you have any concern or issue with a carrier or their people. We can resolve a problem when we know about it.

Most shipments are “dock to dock” or “tail-gate delivery” which means the freight company makes the goods available at the end of the truck for you to take off. Most items can be off-loaded easily with this service, but if you don’t think that will work, you can order and pay for a “lift-gate truck”. This must be done before the order ships and paid for. Costs run from $50 – $150.

Inside delivery is another extra paid service that is available and costly. 95% of shipments are sent as “dock to dock” or “tail gate”  or with “lift gate included” but sometimes you need inside delivery. This is done by quote and would be included on the order acknowledgment or purchase order and paid for.

Freight Damage is rare with the carriers we use and the type of durable products we sell, and because they are always packed well. But it can happen. The following is very important to read and follow in the event your shipment or its packaging look damaged in any way. Orders are usually shipped with the terms prepaid FOB origin. Which means you need to take special care of your shipment.

Avoiding Freight Damage Losses or Claims Problems

  1. Before Receiving and Signing anything, inspect all packages or pallets for freight damage or damage to packing. This is very important. If you sign and find damage later, it’s harder  or impossible to process a claim.

  2. If there is any damage, or potential damage, write on the paperwork,  “POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE” and  “SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION”  before you sign for the shipment. Sign and then get a copy in case there is damage. Most of the time, if you write that on the paperwork, the driver will take the time to inspect the shipment with you. And you can determine if damaged packing means damaged products but then make sure the driver and YOU note the delivery documents.

  3. Take pictures, even when on the truck,  of any damage and contact Good Better Best Furniture immediately. (877-422-3876).  This information is required to start and submit freight claims. Finally, #4 is important.

  4. Relax and remember that most shipments are trouble-free with no damage. But when there is a problem, details are important. Inspect, note, and call.

Communication.  Good Better Best Furniture will call or email when the shipment leaves the factory or warehouse and provide a delivery estimate and tracking information. Unless your shipment is a ground package shipment (UPS or FedEx), the shipper is instructed to call. Keep an eye out for that call and reply promptly. Call Good Better Best Furniture if you have and questions. 

Do Churches, Schools or Residential or non-standard locations  have fees?

Yes, there may be fees for shipping to non-commercial locations like apartments, farms, and remote places. This could also apply to schools and churches. The shipping cost may include fees  for delivery to limited-access locations such as military bases, construction sites, and storage units. You can ask your GBB representative to confirm if your location falls under these categories.  They will be part of the quote in advance.  We try to use carriers that do not surcharge locatons like this when they are part of the order. 

Do I have to be there when they deliver my freight?

Yes, someone who is authorized to sign for the shipment  needs to be present at the time of delivery. If the driver arrives and there is nobody available to sign , they usually won’t wait. This means you’ll need to reschedule the delivery, and most companies will charge charge you extra for the extra time and distance traveled for the re-delivery.

What if I get a bill from the shipping company directly?

If you receive a bill directly from the shipping company, contact us at (877) 422-3876 and send us a copy of the bill through scanning or taking a picture. This situation is uncommon since we usually ship “freight prepaid.” However, some carriers may offer additional services during delivery that come with extra charges, such as liftgate or inside delivery. Please note that our shipping documents state that we have not authorized any additional services, and we will not cover any additional charges if they are billed. Therefore, it’s essential to understand any additional services asked for or provided and ask any questions you may have. Our quotes and invoices specify the exact type of service you will receive, and we will be happy to clarify any unclear information before shipping.

Will the shipping rates change?

The shipping quote and rates you receive are based on the information you provide to GBB at the time of ordering.  If there are any differences in the location of your shipment, or a re-delivery,  it can result in additional shipping costs charged directly by the carrier.   This is rare becasue we take great care in verifying the shipping address.  However, if those fees are incurred, GBB will review with you and possibly bill you.

Does GBB guarantee delivery times for freight shipping?

No, delivery times for freight shipping are not guaranteed unless it’s mentioned in the freight quote option you select when placing your order and your shipment. All other delivery times are just estimates and cannot be promised, but they are usually dependable. Freight shipping transit times begin the day after your shipment is picked up. If you have something that needs to be received urgently, make sure you talk to a GBB Logistics representative as soon as possible to make arrangements for the shipment.  We can do things to speed up deliverys like contacting the terminal to pre-arrange an appointment.   Weather and plagues can impact shipping too.

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