How to Receive a Shipment

It is important to carefully read and understand that if you do not sign for freight delivery correctly and document any freight damage, you will be unable to file a freight claim. Failing to do so may result in being unable to seek compensation for any damages that may have occurred during transportation.

WARNING: It is imperative to follow these guidelines when receiving your freight:

Do NOT Just Sign – Take Detailed Notes on the BOL:
Always make sure to note any damage or shortages on the Bill of Lading (BOL) which is the proof of delivery paperwork the truck driver has you sign. As a responsible receiving clerk, it is crucial to note all irregularities on any shipment with as much detail as possible. Additionally, take digital pictures of any damages using a camera or smartphone and immediately call Trident Furniture at 801-407-4297.

Keep the Freight – Do NOT Refuse without Permission From Trident:
Under no circumstances should you refuse delivery of damaged freight without prior permission from Trident. It is essential to keep the damaged freight until the claim is resolved to satisfaction. The carrier has the right to inspect the damaged freight and may also salvage it if the full claim value is awarded.

Open, Inspect and Note on the Paperwork You Sign:
This is also #1, but it cannot be emphasized enough. If you notice any visual damage such as scratches, dents or other irregularities, note it down while signing and include “possible concealed damage” or “subject to inspection”. Inspect the items as soon as possible, preferably while the driver is present. If there is a problem, immediately contact Trident Furniture at 801-407-4297.

Remember, failing to document any damage upon delivery will make it impossible to file a freight claim. Take every precaution necessary to ensure that the freight is received and documented correctly.

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